barolo docg curto 2004

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If’ there’s anything we all love as much as outsiders, it’s the newcomers.  In the wine world it’s probably even more so.  Firstly, it’s easy to find a good to great wine if you just pick the usual suspects – there’s nothing to it.  Secondly, newcomers come at a much more attractive price point.  The same way you could buy the 82 Lafite at the local airport in Stavanger for little more than 30 euro in the 80s, what’s more fun than buying an  Barolo that will be top of its class inn 20 years time, that is from a winemaker no one ever heard of at EUR 30 today?
 Perhaps the Barolo Arborina La Foia is that wine?  A wine made by Marco Curto. his wife Adele, and daughter Nadia. Ah, and by the way, Adele is Elio Altare’s sister, Nadia his niece, and Arborina the vineyard made famous by Altare’s Langhe Arborina and his Barolo Vigneta Arborina.  And, Elio has lately been helping his extended family out.  Which shows.
 Blackcurrant aromas constantly flowing out of the glass followed by stony flavours, flowers, blackberries, wet forest floor, and then, more berries that just keep coming. Sweet at the outset, hard tannins and thus somewhat astringent. But, this wine really developed in the glass, and it became a joy to taste after a while. I would like to say that it went on for hours, but I guess that is too much, but it is safe to say that at 30 EUR I have not tasted a nebbiolo this long.  15 000 bottles are made of this wine, so it’s probably hard to find.  If you see it though, or you’re in La Morra, you will not regret trying it out


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